2016-2017 Scholarship Fund Annual Appeal

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October 2016

Garden Club Presidents and Members,

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to the GCO Scholarship Fund in 2015-2016.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  The following is a breakdown of contributions made to the Scholarship Fund:

Appeal             $8,546.00
Memorial          3,095.00
Honorarium        325.00
TOTAL            $11,966.00

These contributions, combined with designated GCO funds and Landscape Design funds, provided scholarships to 9 students for a total of $29,000.00.  May we continue to contribute and GROW this accomplishment.

We have exceeded the previous goal of $10,000 with 54% of the clubs participating.  If 100% of the clubs made a donation–of any amount–we could reach $15,000.  I hope we can all agree and strive to reach that goal.

Contributions may be made as an Annual Appeal contribution, as a Memorial or as an Honorarium.  A thank you note is sent to the donor and notification to the person honored or the family of the deceased (name and address of the person/s to notify must be included with the donation).  All contributions will be published in the next Garden Greetings.  A copy of this letter will be on the GCO website:  www.gardenclubofohio.org.

Thank you in advance for your dedication and generosity to the GCO Scholarship Fund.

Shirley Basista, Scholarship Contributions Chairman
(440) 526-8389

Please make check payable to:  Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.

Mail to:
Shirley Basista
8623 Hollis Lane
Brecksville, Ohio 44141-2031

Name of Club______________________District_____________Amount_______

President or Treasurer________________________________________________



Click here to download a copy of this information:
2016-17 Scholarship Annual Appeal

2016-2017 Scholarship Annual Appeal