Meet the Mansfield District Director – Kathy Kovatch

Kathy Kovatch
Kathy Kovatch

Plants in my house follow one rule: Each must live by my once-a-week watering schedule.  I love them; it’s just that they must be strong on their own.  I am more of a plant rescuer; I buy plants that are left behind after the Mother’s Day/Spring Plant Scramble and root them on.  I love the underdogs.

Our yard is dominated by shade, so vegetable gardening is a challenge, but my husband and I love it.  There is nothing like a freshly picked salad or a juicy tomato right from the garden.    I wish the weeds were less robust, but as I tell my husband, it’s only a weed if you don’t like it. Our towering trees sound like the ocean.  Of necessity, we have lots of shade plants and ground cover; I keep looking for new varieties.   If I could choose to be any plant, I would pick lavender or iris because I love the names, the color and the delicate feel to them.

Besides gardening, I like to read, play tennis, write poetry, and paint.  I watch too much TV, love Ohio State and Browns football, and walking.  I volunteer as a tour guide/carousel operator and puppeteer at the Merry-Go-Round Museum.  My husband and I do water testing in the Mills Creek watershed for the Erie County Soil and Water District.

I grew up in near Chicago and in Kentucky, then graduated from Denison University and have a Masters Degree from Ashland.  When I began teaching middle school reading and language arts in Sandusky, I met my husband.   Our children live in Ohio and North Carolina.  We have four grandchildren.

Down To Earth Garden Club has been my garden home for about ten years.  One of our most rewarding projects was installing our Blue Star Memorial marker at the Ohio Veterans Home.  We have varied and interesting programs as well as varied and interesting women.

The opportunity to be Mansfield’s District Director working with fellow gardeners will be a rewarding new challenge.