Meet the Youngstown District Director – Di Matijevic

Di Youngstown (2)

Hello there!  My name is Di Matijevic and I live in Cortland Ohio, with 2 rescue cats. As a young girl I was raised in California and moved back to Brookfield, Ohio as a teenager.  I lived with my mother and grandparents in a century home with a huge garden. This garden kept everyone fed during the Depression as my great grandfather worked this land as a farm at that time. Even as a teenage I was fascinated with growing things. From my great grandfather, I developed my love of gardening.

When I got married my goal was to learn how to grow food and can for my family. Since my son is now 43 yrs. old, he’s out on his own, and I live in a condo my food growing is very limited. I do put in a variety of herbs, vegetables, perennials and annuals.

I was a Systems Auditor for Delphi Packard Elect. I did some traveling for them and used gardening as my way to unwind. I am currently a member of Trumbull County Herb Society, Trumbull County Garden Forum, where I am serving in various positions and GCO.  When I’m not gardening I’m the Secretary of the Warren Ski Club and a volunteer at the Fellows Gardens in Mill Creek Park. Last year I became part of a group that is studying native bees for the park. I am still part of this group this year to gather more data to determine what native plants need to be added to their collection. I also started Ikebana classes last year, which I really do enjoy.

I am very excited to be the Youngstown District Director and hope to plant many seeds of friendship.