Environmental Schools Objectives

-Develop a citizenry that is aware of and concerned about, the total environment and its associated problems, and which has the knowledge, attitude, motivation, skill, and commitment to work individually and collectively toward solutions of currentĀ problems and the prevention of new ones.
-Foster value systems which preserve the biotic community.
-Increase awareness of the interdependencies of life on earth.
-Prevent pollution to protect public health and heal the planet.
-Help citizens become involved with their communities and the natural world.
-Network and reach out to all segments of the community to achieve common goals.
-Encourage conservation education programs in all levels of garden club activity.
-Promote the inclusion of environmental education in classrooms and youth organizations throughout the country.
-Establish Environmental Councils to provide opportunity for personal growth and community service for NGC, Inc.
-Environmental Consultants and Interns

What does this class give me?

-The opportunity to learn more all about the facets of our physical world known as the environment.
-In depth information on land conservation, land trust, water conservation, groundwater protection, air quality, energy awareness, water awareness, litter and recycling among the many subject matters
-Legislative issues relative to the environment
-Knowledge of the necessity of maintaining the quality of our environment as we pass on the care of our world to our children and grandchildren
-How to influence those around you