Ohio Judges’ Council

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Note:  Open to all garden club members, not just Flower Show Judges. 

OJC Officers for 2015-2017
President: Dianna Mullins, NE
First VP: Betty Cookendorfer, S
Second VP: Barb Schuh, NC
Recording Secretary: Pat Kuczak, S
Corresponding Secretary: Margaret DeWolf, NC
Treasurer: Aggie Goss, NC

NC Chair: Linda Holzheimer (lindaholzheimer@aol.com)
NE Chair: Celine Hallier (celinehallier@hotmail.com)
NW Chair: Sue Mullins  (Suemullins01@yahoo.com)
S Chair: Ginny Clark (grc1367@fuse.net)

The Ohio Judges Council was formed in April, 1953 with E.R. Joshua as the first President.  The membership is made up of approximately 109 Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges and this educational organization maintains standards and interprets the requirements for Flower Show Judges as set forth by National Garden Clubs, Inc., thereby promoting good ethics in judging.  The council will assist garden clubs when requested by giving information necessary for the promotion of better flower shows.  Two regular meetings and a Symposium are sponsored yearly in order to promote continuing advanced educational study of growing and showing horticulture, the art of designing with plant material and flower show procedure.  OJC sponsors a flower show annually.  The Council upholds and promotes the mission of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.

For information on Ohio Judges Council, contact OJC President Diana Mullins at (330) 518-4111 or dposey727@aol.com.