Gardening Schools Objectives

-Stimulate interest in the growth of plant materials to their peak of perfection.
-Give the student and understanding of how and why a plant grows
-Teach soil structure and methods for making the soil more productive
-Provide an understanding of plants’ reactions to certain weather conditions and how to modify these conditions to encourage   optimum growth
-Illustrate methods of rapid propagation
-Offer plant identification instruction
-Explore growing techniques for garden plants, vegetables, fruits, houseplants, trees, shrubs, and specialized styles of gardening
-Develop a respect for and appreciation of plants and their roles in our lives and activities

 What does this class give me?
– Gain in-depth knowledge about basic botany, soils, growing annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs, fruits and vegetables, lawns, pests and diseases of plants, plant classification, pruning and selected topies of local interest.
-Increase your gardening skills
-Become an accomplished horticulturalist
-Understand why you have been doing what you have been doing