PLANT AMERICA: Give & Grow with GCO

GCO President, Deanna Sterns, theme for her administration is PLANT AMERICA: Give & Grow with GCO.  Going along with that theme, her President’s Project is an initiative with clubs to collect food for donation to local food pantries or soup kitchens in each region.  The ultimate goal is for each club to donate the weight of their club in food.  

President’s Project
Outline of Events and Requirements
July 22, 2017

·        District Directors

a.     Gather the Approximate Weight of EACH GARDEN CLUB

b.     Obtain a covered tub (IE Rubbermaid) to use for transport/gathering

c.      Have a vote on which Food Pantries or Soup Kitchens to support in your region – this is where the food your clubs collect will go.

d.     Obtain the Weight of ALL foods donated from each club (this is the contest).

e.     Each Club is to strive to donate the weight of their club in food. I suggest you choose a mean weight and multiply by club membership #’s (say 150 lbs. x 15= 2, 250 pounds of food)

f.       I suggest quarterly tallies of donations and deliveries reported to you, plus at your District Meetings.

g.     Contact chosen organizations and obtain their wish lists so you have a focus.  If your club insists on monetary donations, purchase appropriate foods.

h.     Each of you report to me before board meetings so I have a tally

As you can see, it is a club competition with each club working towards supremacy.

All foods support the people in need in your communities.

You may support more than one organization – it is the weight that counts.

Your container is to transport what is gathered at board & district meetings back.

For additional information, contact “Feed Ohio” Chairman, Pat Rupiper at