Garden Club of Ohio Bylaws and Policies effective June 17, 2017: 

GCO Bylaws Policies 2017.2019
Table of Contents 2017.2019

GCO – By-Laws and Standing Rule Changes Effective October 18, 2017

Page 41 Line 1948 NN. All Schools Chairman (No change)Page 41 Line 1949 Principal Duties and Responsibilities to be determined:
Change to read:

  1. Serves as a member of the GCO BOD
  2. Must have completed at least one school, all four courses.
  3. Promotes the establishment of each school, reminding each Chairman that the Schools must be voted on and approved at a GCO Board meeting.
  4. Insures that all NGC guidelines are compliant for hosting the Schools
  5. Review the proposed budgets, places, dates of each school and proposed timeline a received from the School Chairman
  6. Receives the final report of each School from the School Chairman within 60 days of School completion.
  7. Encourage School Chairman to provide after final completion of the series, updated information of the number and names of Council members to All School Chairman.
    Rational:  There has never been a description of the position.

Page 4 – Under Line 153  b. Member-at-Large
Page 4 – Line 157 –   Add:  “without right to vote or hold office”
Page 4 – Line 177 –   Add:  “without right to vote or office”

Section 2 – Rights and Privileges
Page 4 – Line 186 –   Add “ excluding members-at-large and affiliates”
Rational – To clarify membership rights and privileges

Page 18 – Line 828 g. The President is authorized to:
Line 831 – Add “president’s project”
Rational – The project changes from term to term.

Page 35 – Line 1652 Under Communication Chairman
Add “Floral Design Editor and Horticulture Book Review Chairman
Rational –  New chairmanships

Page 45 – Line 2145 Under Horticulture:
Delete “Operation Wildflower”
Rational – No longer a project

Page 45 Line 2145 Under Horticulture:
Delete word “and”, add comma,  add “Herbs and add “Annuals and Perennials”
Line 2145 should read:  Trees/Shrubs, Wildflowers, Xeriscape Gardening, Herbs, Annuals and Perennials.
Rational:  We have an Annuals and Perennials Chairman

Page 51 Line 2406 – Delete JJJ “Girl Scout Liaison”
Page 51 Line 2407 – Delete “Principal Duties and responsibilities to be determined.”
Rational:  It is added to the Youth Chairman, Page 50 – Line 2387

2017 GCO Bylaws & Standing Rules

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