Seeds of Friendship

Zoo PICMargie Williams, Seeds of Friendship Chairman

I hope many of you were able to hear either Charlene Gendry or Jeff Ramsey speak at the GCO Holiday Programs in November.  They told a moving story of how Partners in Conservation from the Columbus Zoo have been able to help the villagers who live near the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.  Included in their presentation was a testament to how much the seeds we send each year are appreciated by these villagers.

We are, once again, accepting seeds for the Seeds of Friendship program. Charlene and Jeff go to Rwanda in May, so seeds or monetary donations must be received by April 30th.  Since this year’s Convention is in June, sees may either be mailed to me or taken to the Spring District meetings.

The only seeds that will be taken are the following:
green beans

All other seeds will be taken to community gardens in Columbus.

Please send seeds or money to: Margie Williams, Seeds of Friendship Chairman, 1947 Marble Cliff Crossing Court, Columbus, OH 43204